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The Hot Rod Deluxe is a mono-channel amplifier featuring 3 switchable gain levels: "Clean", "Drive", and "More Drive" selectable on either the control panel or footswitch (if plugged in).

Other features include a Bass, Middle, and Treble EQ, Master Volume, Presence, Normal/Bright, and spring reverb (solid state for both the driver and the recovery circuits).

This speaker has been used in the Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb and the Twin Reverb, among others. It doesn’t have the deepest bass, however, and the highs can sometimes be “fizzy.” When the cream board tweeds were introduced, Fender chose the Jensen reissue (made in Italy) C12N.

The C12N doesn’t sound much like vintage Jensens, and it can be shrill-sounding. Some people prefer the Special Design and don’t consider it an improvement.

2006 amps have a small metal “Fender 60th Anniversary” button on the back plate. Early Tweeds The early green board tweed-covered amps were not lacquered. It has the same cream board inside with the same components as every other current-production Blues Junior.

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As an all-tube (pre-amp and power sections) combo guitar amplifier, the Hot Rod Deluxe features a pair of 6L6GC beam tetrodes for the power section and two 12AX7 dual triodes for the preamp section.The chassis can also be found in the weird, plastic-cased Deco-Tone and in some Custom Shop amps with exotic wood cases such as bubinga.Other cabinet coverings include blond Tolex, dark brown Tolex with a wheat-colored grille (custom for a Canadian music store chain), and the Texas Red Tolex.In order to date your Fender amp or provide the value I need to know one of the below;* 2 letter date code on the Tube Chart, * 2 letter date code on the QA Sticker, or * The Transformer Number starting with "606-" followed by 3 or 4 additional numbers and insert the dash (-) marks as they separate the month from the year of manufacture. I looked for the code letters everyplace I could sneak my hand and a flashlight into and couldn't find anything. I have my Peavey keyboard amps, so have really never used this one.

With the above I can date, value it, and see the product description in the Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers.kcbuck - Texas Boy excuse me,on the quality assurance sticker i've found two lines: 1 electronic test 2 sound test in each line there are 2 letters, what is the line i must check to know my amp age? Am going to sell it, probably only has 4 or 5 hours of use total, and was working to keep it quiet enough during that time...

A secondary board provides the base onto which the tube sockets are mounted (although the pair of power tube sockets are mounted directly on the chassis with long leads connecting those to the secondary board).

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